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After a 20 year career in yoga & the healing arts, with 3 young children in tow, he pulled the plug on his long book to see where the River Wild might take his family next. Wanting to raise their kids in such a way to allow nature to inform them strongly, they uprooted and headed to the waters and woods of Cascadia in search of an idyllic river and fertile soils to plant the seeds of a new life.  Whatcom County’s juxtaposition with the ocean, Mt. Baker and the wilderness held most of the elements they sought.

“My arrival here at A-1 Builders was like most of the serendipities in my life.”

Believing the food table and how we collectively inhabit the Earth to be the essentials of a healthy family and strong community, his family conceived a plan of learning to build their own home and grow their own food with all 10 hands and 10 feet on deck.

“If a family could grow together from a sweet idea to a finished porch swing, while meals made by the fruits of our labor nourished our love and dreams, I felt like we stood a chance in these fast times.”

So, with his usual enthusiasm and steady commitment, Bradlee began knocking on doors, finding work and apprenticing the trades necessary to understand what it takes to build a home.  Cabinets, concrete, demolition and processing chickens occupied his first months in Whatcom County while their 7, 5 and 3 year olds took the ropes of school in hand.

“Winter snow fell like a perfect storm.  The kids took to Mt. Baker like little rippers.”

Meanwhile Bradlee began knocking at our door.  It took all winter, but by spring came the call-back.

“The stars aligned and what looks like a perfect match as A-1 transitions into a worker-owned coop sets nicely for how a community builds and how I see working in tandem with like minded souls… growing strength for everyone involved.”

Bradlee, we are proud to have you on board and glad that your path led you right here, right now.

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