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By 2017 Bobbi had already logged 32+ years in the field of accounting, specializing for 27 of these years within the construction trades!  And before joining our company, she had owned her own full-charge bookkeeping service for 20+ years.

Bobbi comes from a long line of musicians.  Her husband, children, and extended family are all musicians, sharing their gifts of music with many churches, retirement communities, hospices and hospital facilities.  They even sing Christmas carols throughout many neighborhoods in their town.

“Music is the core of the family I grew up with and it continues to be the core in my own family.”

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Bobbi periodically travels to Coatzingo, Mexico to teach music and woodwind instruments to middle school kids.  And she serves as the Treasurer for Hearts & Hands of Hope which currently provides vocational training for 25+ students in Coatzingo, Mexico, hoping to better their lives.

“I grew up watching my dad own and conduct his own business as a dance band leader and musician, as well as the President of the Musician’s Union, and knew I wanted to conduct business just like Dad.”

Besides Bobbi’s instrumental and vocal talents, her hands-on activities are just that … hands on. She enjoys designing and building things that include landscaping, gardening, carpentry, costume design and fabrication.  

“…. the list goes on! I am considered the Martha Stewart/Tim Allen of my family. Whenever there is a project to be done … call Bobbi. My maternal Grandfather was a master carpenter during the depression. Mom also grew up on job sites and learned construction from her Dad. I learned to love construction from my Mom and this in turn drew me to the finance and accounting side of construction.”


Bobbi has climbed Mt. St. Helens twice along with Rick and other coworkers. Ask her about it!

Bobbi has climbed Mt. St. Helens twice along with Rick and other coworkers. Ask her about it!

Bobbi is also a Recommended Black Belt in Taekwondo. Bobbi shares her life with her spouse of 31  years, her three children, 2 son-in-laws,  4 grandchildren, plus a dog.  And she’s a local, having been born and raised in Bellingham.  She moved away for 3 years during her husband’s schooling and then moved back to Whatcom County “….to where I belong!”

Asked why she stays put and her response is solid and quick…

“…it is so green, near the ocean and mountains; quiet, relaxed, with less pressure; a small town feel in this growing region.”

Bobbi & familyHere at A-1 Builders since 2004, Bobbi…

“….enjoys the quaintness of the atmosphere that is created by the strong leadership within the company.  My colleagues are sincere and very supportive of me with such a vital position that is at the heart of a small company that relies on everything I do.”

She’s absolutely right!

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