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IMG_0009Isaac joined our ranks in early May of 2016, bringing 13 years of prior construction experience to our door.  What pathway led him here? And why here?

“I moved to Bellingham in 2005, going to work for a local home builder named ‘Big Sky’.  When they closed shop I teamed up with my project manager in order to better learn the home building craft.

“I shifted gears in 2007, going to work at a Cherry Point refinery as a lead carpenter, the same position I was hired on for here at A-1 Builders, though the work differed considerably.  I stayed at the refinery until 2012 when I realized that big oil wasn’t right for me.”


So he went to work at Faber Construction here in Whatcom County, then shifted to running his own contracting company for three years prior to joining us.  What was the hook?  Justus Peterson, a close friend of Isaac’s and another co-worker here, recruited him.   Justus had also spent quite some time in big oil and, similarly, decided upon a mid-course correction away from the refineries.

IMG_0031Lucky us!

“Since coming to work at A-1 Builders I feel right at home with their culture and philosophy, embracing a solid commitment to quality and professionalism.  A-1’s a good fit for me and my family!”

What does Isaac do with free time?

“Get me outside!  I love to fish, camp and hike, adoring the natural beauty of the Northwest.”

Get him inside and he’s a longtime Seahawks fan.

“Oh yeah, I’m also a master barbeque griller.”


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