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Maggie - Website BioMaggie started here in late 2005 and spends most of her time designing and estimating.  That said, she has also influenced the design of our website, newsletter and other marketing graphics.  She’s even done her share of changing the quotations on our readerboard over the years!   So let’s get to know from where these diverse skill sets emerge…

Maggie’s ability to visualize details and stick with a project from beginning to end developed during her years as a freelance artist.  She thoroughly enjoys tackling the wide variety of questions and concerns that arise in a construction project, especially amidst the complexity of a typical remodel.  She feels it is similar to solving a puzzle.

Maggie has this to say about her design path…

“Let me draw and I’m happy.  My pen and computer have taken me on many journeys through the world of design but it all comes back to sitting down and expressing a thought for others to see, use, appreciate and build upon.  When I started drawing so many years ago I was simply trying to express myself. But then, I had a great college experience that shifted my thinking and cleared the way for collaborative work in my future.   I remember being in a studio art class were we were assigned the task of drawing partners.  We each had a piece of chalk, but just one sheet of paper between the two of us and we had to come up with one drawing.  This was probably one of the most valuable lessons I had in college… my first experience with true collaborative design.  How do I express my ideas when working with another who also needs to express themselves?    Many years later I find myself on the far end of that spectrum.  

“Sometimes I create the entire design, but more often I find I am co-creating with my clients in the conceptual stage of design.  Later when the fine details come in to play, I have the opportunity to work with craftsmen who bring the concept into reality.   I really enjoy watching others express their own creative ideas within the structure of home design.  You could say that now I draw and design in order to help others express themselves.  I might ask you this:  What do you need… a designer? Or do you need a collaborative design facilitator? I can do either and enjoy both processes whole heartedly.”

Maggie has a Bachelor of Fine Art and a Certification in Architectural Drafting from the University of Alaska, so now she’s melding her design abilities with her growing knowledge of construction.  Maggie has had the opportunity to have her hand in many public and private design projects.  Beyond working in home design, Maggie has been part of multiple art installations in public and private spaces as the lead artist and as the support artisan.  Her art portfolio in the past has included government commissions through the 1% for Art program as well as private commissions.


Maggie is clearly cross trained… here she is changing the quotation on our infamous readerboard out front.

When she is not at work Maggie truly enjoys being with her family, both far and near.  When possible she likes to spend free time dancing, hiking, drawing and making multimedia videos.  Maggie became part of the local dance community as a student 4 years ago and recently was invited into a troupe.

“I have multiple teachers who each possess wonderful talents in a wide range of dance from all over the world.  I take class regularly but find my skills accumulate very slowly…so I just keep plugging away at it.  This is the super fun and challenging ‘escape’ that refuels me for the rest of the week.”

“I have a You Tube channel that is littered with my own videos of the three things I really love: my work, my art and dance.  You can find my hand drawn animated videos next to my home video of guys pouring concrete and videos of my teachers and friends dancing.  You might even find me dancing in costume… although I don’t usually tag myself…I’m not that good yet!   But that’s okay…I’ve got something to aspire to.”

Check out three playlists from Maggie’s You Tube channel right here:

Maggie’s Illustrated videos

Maggie’s Remodeling videos

Maggie and friends dance videos

Now that her youngest child is off to college, the school volunteer time she put in as a parent has shifted from family-focused to community-focused.  One evening a week Maggie tutors students studying for their high school equivalency tests through the Whatcom Literacy Program and she finds this to be a very satisfying endeavor.  Of this she says…

“Helping adults that for whatever reason fell behind or were derailed from the basic educational track that most of us take for granted is really my opportunity to do something that matters.  The folks I have worked with are dedicated to bettering their circumstances and I help them do that.  What a gift for me!“

Did you know that A-1 Builders and Adaptations Design Studio earned the 2011 Governor’s ‘Commute Smart’ Employer Champion Award for our voluntary cycling and Smart Trips incentive program?  Maggie had a lot to do with both the design and implementation of this program.  And she walks her talk, both promoting aerobic health as well as doing those things she knows are the right path for mental health, physical health and well being.

We’re honored to have her in our ranks.

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Here’s Maggie, descending from the rim of Mt. St. Helens, thoroughly enjoying a sitting glissade! Sure beats the ascent!

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