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shawn jumpShawn moved to Bellingham in 1999 from the Seattle suburbs and was instantly infatuated by its beauty and strong feeling of community.

After sitting in an office chair for a few years prior, he found himself drawn to finding work that allowed him to use both his body and his mind.  So Shawn went to Bellingham Technical College and attended the Building and Construction Technology Program.

After working for a few contractors, he went into business for himself.  While self-employed, Shawn was able to work on a variety of remodels, additions and new construction projects before he and his stepfather purchased two homes that they completely remodeled with the help of a few others.

Then, in July of 2007, Shawn came to work for us.  It was clear from the very start that he was Project Manager material. The quality of positive feedback from our clients matched the look of what he was able to achieve with his hands.

On a more personal note, Shawn says that…


“In 2001, I married my high school sweetheart. 2 years later we had our first daughter, Amyiah.   And now we have another daughter named Ruby June.”

Shawn’s outside interests include…

“….but are not limited to, hanging with my girls, making furniture, and all sports (but mostly golf and disc golf )”.

Here’s an image of him atop the rim of Mt. St. Helens doing his now famous heel click.  He climbed it in 2010 and 2011 along with a few other co-workers here. Get him outside and it’s tough to hold him down.

Actually, this is hard to do on a job site as well.  The dude keeps on keepin’ on!

After working here for seven years as an outstanding Project Manager, we asked him to join our management team. We wanted him in the office! We saw his potential to expand our capacity to help design, bid and produce our projects and our prediction was right on… his business card now reads “Project Management, Estimating, Sales and Design”.  

We’re so pleased to have his skills, focus and attitude help steer our ship!  Our decision was a good one. We think you’ll agree once you meet him.


Shawn and his family in 2012.

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