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IMG_0001Thad joined us in the early summer of 2016, having just moved to Whatcom County.  What brought him here?

“I moved here for a girl, but this place is awesome! It only took me a couple of days to see that Bellingham is a special place.  Obviously, it’s beautiful here with great water and mountains and amazing trails but the people are some of the friendliest I have ever met.  I feel very fortunate to have landed in such a great place.”

He started working construction in Wisconsin during college in the early 90’s as a summer job and then his passion for skiing took hold.

“I moved to Park City, Utah and my construction experience provided great summer jobs between ski seasons.”


Thad, hangin’ with Kelly, the woman who attracted him to town!

Over the years Thad amassed a wide range of construction experiences from commercial to residential; from concrete through finish work.  

“I enjoy working outside and seeing projects take shape; helping clients bring their ideas to life, whether it’s a remodel, a custom home… whatever.  I simply enjoy problem solving!”

IMG_4287What attracted Thad to A-1 Builders?

“After a 4-year long distance relationship with my girlfriend, Kelly, I decided to make the move to Bellingham in the spring of 2016.  A-1 was the very first ad on Craigslist I replied to and you guys were without a doubt the most organized and professional team in every way. From my first emails and phone call with Rick through the skype interview with Patrick and Shawn, you guys had your priorities in order. 

“Obviously you wanted to know about my experience and professional knowledge but you also wanted to find out if I was going to fit well within your production team… and how I would represent A-1 to your clients. A-1 Builders clearly has a great grasp on customer service as it applies to both its customers and employees. Its not just about the product you deliver but also about the relationships you build… and you guys showed that from the very first email.”

As far as hobbies go, Thad’s up for anything outside: hiking, fishing, riding his mountain bike, and, obviously, skiing!  He taught and coached skiing for over 20 seasons, including a couple of seasons in New Zealand.

“Last summer I traveled to Kenya with Kelly.  We spent a couple of weeks at Gabriels School and Orphanage in Nakuru. Gabriels provides meals and education for about 200 children from the Keptembwa area of Nakuru every day. They are also home to about 35 children who live full time in the orphanage.  Gabriels is run by an Australian non-profit organization, Nakuru Hope, you can check them out at .   Kelly and I are looking forward to heading back for a few weeks this July.”

IMG_3574Check out the picture of Thad surrounded by his Kenya buddies!

Looking forward, Thad’s happy to be planting roots here in Whatcom County and starting a family with Kelly. We, too, hope these roots take hold, strongly, deeply, so that he remains here, in house, for a long, long time!

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