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Whole K B&A borderOur clients were tired of their high-maintenance tile counter tops and inefficient pantry.  It was time to customize their space for how they use it, as opposed to simply accepting what was there when they bought the house.  And years had rolled on by, so ergonomic upgrades played a significant role in their scope of work.  Their goal was to age in place.

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So the time was ripe for a minor kitchen remodel, saving most of their existing cabinets. Please note that although we didn’t change the stain color of the existing cabinets, and used that same color to achieve a great color match for the new cabinets, the lighting conditions  were very different when we shot the before-‘n-after images.  So the color tones in these images are all over the map. Know that in reality the look consistent and beautimous.

Pantry B&A borderLet’s look at a series of before-‘n-after images, focusing on these and other changes to their kitchen.

Cambria quartz counter tops replaced the tile. Check out the resulting, gorgeous under-mount sink. Roll-out shelves replaced hard-to-reach cabinetry. And, since they rarely if ever used their built-in desk, it was time for it to go as well.

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The project proved successful, leading on to a second remodeling project which included:

New decking and guardrail to an existing deck

Adding an interior wall, a new entry door and sound-deadening drywall to turn an open area into a quiet office space

Indeed, the resulting kitchen is far more functional and beautiful.

Another successful project that we both designed and built. Our designer was Cindi Landreth and our Project Manager was Justus Peterson.


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