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Our aging client had grown tired of her aging bathroom, especially given her concern about falling in her old tub/shower combination unit.  It was time to replace the tub with a safe shower.  Although we can design and build a curbless shower, Nancy didn’t want to go that far… a small curb was alright with her.  Preferable, in fact. So the project appeared to be a rather straightforward bathroom remodel.

But during Rick and Cindi’s initial site visit, Rick noticed some issues that concerned him. Deferred maintenance had caused some rot and mold in other areas of her house. So we discussed the logic of performing a Pre-Remodel Condition Evaluation (PRCE).  Nancy connected with the logic of a wellness exam for her largest investment. It had been a long time since someone experienced had poked around, especially in the attic and crawlspace. Were there some things in need of attention? Was there some accelerated deterioration going on unbeknownst to her?

She decided to proceed with our PRCE and, indeed, there were some things in need of attention. The work we did included this list of things we discovered during the PRCE:

Exterior caulking was needed at window heads and other penetrations

Replace (3) exhaust vent hoods with cedar standoff blocks

Replace rotten rear entry door, reusing existing hardware

Paint new rear entry door and trim

Paint other exterior repairs as necessary

Trim back siding in contact with deck surface

Replace the rotten lower 3’ of corner trim at rear entry door

Replace the aged weather stripping on front entry door

Rebuild attic access panel

Air seal bedroom attic access

Add insulated can light and fan covers

Although these items didn’t represent a large portion of this project cost, fixing them will save her dough in the long run.  Damage tends to accelerate over time, so we work diligently to press our clients to take care of any deferred maintenance while we’re there.  Sure, at times, the discovered problems may eat up enough of one’s budget that they must delay an improvement, but we’re committed to being property preservation specialists:

Fix what you’ve got– the have-to’s — and then consider doing what you want.

Let’s look at the photos of her finished shower, which we designed and built…

Merry Afters (4)

Merry Afters (10)

Merry Afters (12)

Merry Afters (6)

Merry Afters (11)

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