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Our client had lived in her home for about 26 years and she wanted a face lift to both of her bathrooms. Sure, they were dated. It was time.

During our initial site visit she told us that it had been many years since someone knowledgeable had inspected her home. She agreed that it was time for a wellness exam, something we call a Pre-Remodel Condition Evaluation (PRCE). So, during the design process, we also performed our PRCE.  In general the structure was in pretty good shape. Minor items were tabled until a future date so that she could afford her goals in these 2 bathrooms.  At least she’s now aware of the things she should attend to after her cash flow returns to normal.  Ultimately, though, our work order included a few important repairs that she was unaware were needed prior to the inspection.

Thankfully, our PRCE mostly provided peace of mind for her. There weren’t glaring problems in need of immediate attention.

Let’s return to the two bathrooms and look at a batch of ‘befores’ and ‘afters’…

ShowerEnsuite Window

Hall Bath Floor



Ensuite Vanity Ensuite Vanity Lighting Ensuite Bathroom Door Hall Bath Vanity

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