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Our clients bought this property, 5 minutes from downtown Bellingham, in order to allow their horses to share their property.  They cared less about the house when they purchased the land.  For years they had been seeking out property close in to town that would permit proximity to their horses… and this was it!

Once settled in, the house went on the chopping block.   They wanted to strip both the inside and the outside and redo it all.


Here’s the view of their completed home that their horses have!

Our solution to this challenge was to do just that, strip both the inside and the outside and redo it all. We weren’t about to hinder this whole-house makeover.  To the contrary.

We met their challenge head on.

At the time this project occurred Rick was on the board of RE Sources, and Chair of the RE Store Committee.  Given the immensity of the material being removed from this project many of our conversations  with our clients revolved around debris.  More specifically, how can you responsibly deal with what our culture typically calls ‘trash’? These conversations actually led to the man of the house joining the RE Sources’ Board for many years!

Indeed, responsible remodeling starts from Day 1… where does the waste go?  What waste?  Waste is an under-utilized resource.  Instead, most of our waste stream, from this and all other projects of ours, get re-purposed, reused or recycled.  Ask us about how we attain this claim.  We’d be glad to show you, as well as add you to our list of clients who remodel responsibly.

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