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BestPatrick’s construction, design and management experience began in 1990, and this experience ranges from custom furniture to timber framing to general construction. His diversity of experience… whether it’s hands-on, managing others, and from behind a computer screen… provides him a solid understanding of the design/build process.

Along the way he also mastered the computer and his expertise in hardware and software, as they relate to construction, has furthered his breadth and depth within our company.  There’s hardly an area of our company not profoundly affected by his presence here… his fingerprints are everywhere!

Prior to joining the trades, Patrick spent 10 years in the field of wilderness-based experiential education, teaching for Outward Bound, WWU’s Huxley College, and the American Alpine Institute.

Patrick started off here in 2004 as a Project Manager.  His gentle style, confidence and solid understanding help our clients through an otherwise complex and anxious process. Patrick’s very nature brings peace and tranquility to the entire team — clients, staff, subcontractors and vendors alike — and he’s been a critical part of our team since the summer of 2004.

Here's Patrick volunteering his time to help build the Food Coop's bikeport we donated to them for our 50th anniversary.

Here’s Patrick volunteering his time to help build the Food Coop’s bikeport we donated to them for our 50th anniversary.

Turn the clock ahead to the summer of 2011 and Patrick became our Production Manager as well. Basically, he now manages the production side of our organization, overseeing our Project Managers and the carpenters below them.

Sometimes Patrick is also involved with estimating, sharing this responsibility with Shawn Serdahl. Soon after a design is far enough along to work up an estimate, Patrick will assign either himself or Shawn to this task.  

If the project goes to construction, Patrick orchestrates its construction using the balance of his production team.

mike and patrick

Patrick meeting with one of our Project Manager, Mike Gill, at the site of a project Mike is leading for us.

During the summer of 2015 Patrick birthed the idea that eventualy led to the design and construction of our Community Bike Repair & Information Station, or C-BRIS. Its design, in fact, was mostly his. WHATCOM WATCH was one of many publications and news sources that caught on to how significant an idea and outcome this station represented. So they interviewed Patrick as their ‘unsung hero’ in their October/November 2015 issue and you can read it right HERE.

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