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Instead of adding on to their existing home for the additional needed space, our clients challenged us:

Could we make better use of their detached garage?  Could this under-utilized space become additional living space?

You bet we could! 

Rec Room Whole-House (2)Rec Room Whole-House (3)Let’s first look at two ‘before’ images.

We worked through the design work and then turned it over to our production team. Besides the total gutting and upgrade of the interior, we added a patio, trellis and some additional square footage.

Our client’s appreciation for fine craftsmanship led to some unique details, including the non-symmetrical layers of the pergola, as well as the careful scribe done on each post where it intersected with it’s stone seat.

Check this out in the slideshow that follows…

  • Rec Room Whole-House (1)
  • Rec Room Whole-House (4)
  • Rec Room Whole-House (5)
  • wood to stone detail
  • Rec Room Whole-House (7)
  • Rec Room Whole-House (6)
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