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RhododendronextJPGWe designed and built this 4 bedroom/ 2-1/2 bathroom custom home on an infill lot on Rhododendron Way, midway up Alabama Hill.

The design work started using a stock plan the client had purchased. After all of the modifications were made to these stock plans (i.e. seismic needs for our region of the country; using wood instead of the steel that was specified; larger front porch; different energy code; etc.), the initial decision to purchase the plans proved costly and inefficient.  It would have been less expensive to start the design work from scratch.

RhodyfrontJPEGThat said, the clients’ research to find a stock plan that was close to their needs proved invaluable, but the full set of plans need not have been purchased; the floor plan that was readily available… and free… would have been all we needed to finish the design.

Terrific location: five minutes from downtown, with a rear property line adjacent to Whatcom Falls Park… urban living with near-instant access to wild places.RhodylongviewJPEG

An initial challenge was eliminating a humongous boulder from the central point of the house.  This hindrance effected the lot’s purchase price so deal with it we did!  Too large to move, our approach was to break it apart into movable pieces.

Our client preferred that we exclude interior photos on our website so all we have to share with you are these 3 photos, which themselves leave much to be desired!  Hence, there’s no slideshow below! You’ll have to use your imagination!

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