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P0000759P0000762Right from the start we knew we wouldn’t be building this home; it was a design-only project.  Not a problem; this was not the first time.

The design challenge: to create a plan for a new, small footprint, easy-to-build home that could be built by Cindi’s clients.

The result is this energy-efficient home constructed of straw bales covered with up to an inch of plaster coating.

The 18″ thick walls provide excellent soundproofing and a smooth, soft look. Furthermore, the thick walls accommodate over-sized window sills big enough to sit in. Every window, in effect, becomes a window seat! The home is heated by a radiant heat system embedded in the concrete slab floor, as well as passive solar.

A comfortable 5’ veranda with 7’ overhangs surrounds the home on three sides, keeping the interior cool in the summer and preventing rain from reaching the straw walls.

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The house has a one-bedroom suite above, two bedrooms and a bathroom on the main floor, and a mezzanine family room. Tiled floors extend throughout the home as well as out to the veranda. Much of the interior furnishings and all cabinets came from recycling sources such as the RE Store in Bellingham.

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