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We’ve seen this many times before: right outside this small bathroom was wasted hallway space. And given that this was the home’s only bathroom, why not capture every inch of extra space?

So, given the age of the existing bathroom, it was time to start over and absorb the wasted space into this alteration.

Sure wish we had a ‘before‘ image for you but we don’t… so you’ll have to use your imagination!

This was our client’s biggest challenge to us:

“Was there enough room for a separate tub and shower?”

Our solution to acquire this extra space did the trick, offering ample room for a separate tub and shower.

Slipper Tub (1)

And we did the entire remodel while our clients were at work — overseas!  They left before demolition commenced and returned to the magic of a completed project.

If we only captured a photo of their faces when they walked in!

  • Slipper Tub (1)
  • Slipper Tub (3)
  • Knoflick bathroom 2
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