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Their cramped kitchen captured in this ‘before’ image.

Their cramped kitchen captured in this ‘before’ image.

Our clients told us that they enjoy entertaining a lot but they were tired of their outdated kitchen: too little counter space and limited storage; cabinets and appliances simply wearing out. It was time for a change!

We relocated their brand new kitchen into the 2-story addition we designed and built for them. Check out the photo of the addition to the right. It wasn’t just kitchen space that was lacking.  The balance of the addition included an upstairs with a master bedroom and enlarged bathroom, while the main floor included a new dining room. See the ‘additional space’ and ‘bathrooms’ gallery categories for additional images of this remodel.

After 1

We designed and built the new, two story addition on the left. The main floor of this addition became the home for this world-class kitchen.

The curved concrete countertop serves as the focal point for their kitchen.  New Edge Design, our subcontractor for this work of art, submitted their finished product to CONCRETE DECOR Magazine and it can be seen in their March/April 2007  issue right HEREThe rest of the kitchen countertops are made of Paperstone.

Now they adore cooking in their home!  Wouldn’t you?  Tight, old spaces morphed into open, spacious public spaces for their hoped-for entertaining.  We heard their call and our design/build team orchestrated their dream.

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