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The 'before' view of the front.

The ‘before’ view of the front.

Our clients wanted more space. But, as avid gardeners, they didn’t want to use up any precious yard.  Since a second story would also get them a great bay view previously unavailable, building up became the compelling direction of travel.

Very often adding space by going up usually creates the highest cost per square foot when compared to adding off to the side.  Yes, this is quite a generalization.  But since most foundations are not built to carry an additional story, the structural requirements of getting the load of this extra story into the ground creates a substantial amount of work on the lower level and the foundation.   Just sayin’…

So there’s usually a compelling reason to go up to achieve additional space.  Perhaps there’s no yard available, or to pick up a killer view.  And both of these issues were apparent here.  So let’s go up!

Here's a 'before' image of the rear of the house.

Here’s a ‘before’ image of the rear of the house.

We added a partial second story by harvesting an existing bedroom for the new stairway, and the new upstairs space includes a master bedroom, office, master bathroom, closet, and sitting area with excellent bay views.

So they got their additional space, lost no yard and picked up a knockout view of Bellingham Bay!

  • Bathroom
  • Front view
  • Main floor stairway
  • Master bedroom
  • Office & sitting
  • Rear view
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