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Before picture shows the lack of space. Elbow room? NOT!

Churchill bathroom - best

Talk about a bathroom remodel in a small space?!?! This is it.

Our challenge was to upgrade a funky, worn-out 3/4 bathroom into something usable and attractive.  And when we started there was hardly room for a toilet!

The solution necessitated an extreme attention to detail and space planning.  Every inch mattered.

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Ultimately, we turned this closet-sized, dysfunctional bathroom into something to be proud of!

Here’s what our clients had to say about this experience  (written in May 2013 about his 2008 experience with us)…

When I decided to remodel my home, I had a pretty good idea that A-1 Builders was going to be my first choice. I had been impressed with their office, it just looked so nice from the road and their sign had those great quotes.. “If you are going to go through hell, keep going” – Winston Churchill.

Then I read through their website, seeing pictures of some completed projects and reading details about A-1 Builders’ staff. You are not going to find a more professional and educated staff, from Rick to the guys swinging the hammers. My onsite project lead had a bachelor’s degree — you just don’t see that very often in the construction field.

After scheduling a time for Rick to come out — to take a look at my house and what I wanted to do — my mind was made up. Rick showed up on his bike and, being an avid biker myself, you just know some things are meant to be.

Who you decide to hire to manage your home improvement project is a big decision, when you are thinking of spending a lot of money and working very closely with a team for six months or so. A good decision makes the process fun and rewarding, while a bad decision leads to all sorts of regrets and frustrations.

We all know the stereotypical contractor horror stories. For me, choosing A-1 Builders for my home remodel was a way of guaranteeing my project would be on my terms and not be hijacked by some contractor who said all the right things but didn’t follow through. I am still smiling from ear to ear about how beautiful my new kitchen and bathroom are, and it was completed in 2008!

The sheer amount of decisions that need to be made on home remodels is hard to estimate… 1,000, 2,000 or more? When I wanted Paula, my designer with Adaptations, to make decisions for me based on her experience in choosing materials for the kitchen or bath, she was happy to do so. When I felt like I knew what I wanted, she didn’t try to talk me into things. I even once said I didn’t need a dishwasher; I was used to washing dishes by hand. Sure, she cocked an eyebrow but didn’t say I was crazy… as she was thinking. My future wife at the time set me straight on this one and I have to say the Fisher Paykel double-dish-drawer dishwasher makes me smile every time I use it.

I feel like the money spent on the remodel was doubly invested — not only do I get to enjoy the beauty and functionality of my home every day but the money spent raises the value of the home significantly.

I have never had a moment of  ‘buyer’s remorse’; A-1 Builders made sure of that.

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  • Talk about a bathroom remodel in a small space?!?!  This is it.  We designed and built this one as well.
  • Talk about a bathroom remodel in a small space?!?!  This is it.  We designed and built this one as well.
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