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This particular design challenge was to create an addition that would combine an enlarged bathroom and laundry facilities while also including space for antiques.

Johnson - before

Here is the house before the new addition

Perhaps our greatest challenge on this project was our clients’ choice of plumbing fixtures and faucets…. imported from France.  The threads were incompatible with U.S. plumbing fittings!

JohnsontubJPEG - Copy

Here’s the slipper tub that now lives in the addition.

This didn’t stop our ability to make it work and the outcome, as you can see, was spectacular………… a bathroom so beautiful that we often joked that there should have been a pre-bathroom in which to get clean before entering this work of art!

And we’ll never forget the client’s reaction to our initial price.  They had lived in this home seemingly forever… numerous decades; wish we could remember.  The price for the addition and the  interior remodel of the adjacent space was more than they had initially paid for their home and land.  His comment:

“Look, this is going to be my last bathroom and this is exactly what I want.  Build it!”

So we did.

  • P0000798
  • P0000807
  • pedestal adjusted
  • Johnson after 2
  • P0000803
  • Xtr – after 3
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