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Alike so many older homes in our region our client’s home had no upstairs bathroom.  Many homes here, in fact, were built before the era of inside plumbing at all!

History aside, our clients wanted this changed… they wanted an upstairs bathroom. They were done with this!

Simply put, the challenge was to create an entirely new bathroom upstairs.  But this wasn’t all we added.  The ultimate solution meant designing and building a 2 story addition — see the ‘additional space’ and  ‘kitchen’ project categories, as well, for other shots of this project.

The new bathroom serves both of the upstairs bedrooms.  Some of the space in the bathroom was achieved by re-purposing the closet in the adjacent, small, existing bedroom.  The remaining bedroom space became the hallway access to the new master bedroom in this 2 story addition.

Bathroom 4

Perhaps what is most noteworthy about this efficient use of space is the unique vanity and storage solution pictured here.  Every inch mattered.

Every inch should always matter.

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  • Bathroom 3
  • Bathroom 4
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