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cropped for webMike has lived and worked as a carpenter in Whatcom County since 1979, joining our team in the summer of 2009.  And you’ll quickly see the experience he brings to A-1 Builders.  His conscientious attitude and unique sense of humor provide a focused, yet fun, approach to the remodeling process. He gets the job done, done well, with a smile on his face.

“I have been blessed with wonderful boys.”

James During Construction (213)

Our Super Hero!

Mike recently moved into his new home which is on 5 wooded acres in the county.  He lives there with his girlfriend of 19 years, his dog and 2 goats.

“I love the outdoors.  I am an avid bicyclist and spend many hours a week in the saddle — rain or shine.”

Go ahead and ask him about cycling and you’ll hear some amazing feats he’s achieved on 2 wheels! And he’s been instrumental in bringing the cycling spirit into our company, usually showing up at job sites and company meetings geared up to spin, not hammer.  Minutes later, though,  he’s ready to work, and work hard he does!

Watch him make stuff happen!


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