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The design/build approach to construction brings together professional design services and construction expertise under one roof. Whether your project is a remodel or a new custom home, you don’t get stuck with your designer laying blame on the carpenter for a problem, or visa versa, leaving you caught in the middle……because they share the same building here! One-stop accountability! This marriage of a design division, a construction division and a showroom can also save you time, stress and money. One-stop shopping!

This creative process offers our clients unique insight into the oftentimes disparate worlds of the designer and the builder. Designers are routinely trained without any building experience that might inform their designs, and builders are trained to execute without a sense of the overarching purpose or design of the project.  Combining design and building offers numerous advantages and promotes the creation of intentional and inspired buildings — and communities — that enhance our world. Whether you consider a professional design/build company or a do-it-yourself design/build homeownerevery designer should know how to build and every builder should know how to design. This philosophy sets A-1 Builders and Adaptations Design Studio apart from most other providers of the work we do.

Rick Dubrow, Matt Jones (Project Manager), Shawn Serdahl (Project Manager) and Rhett Winter setting wands as they ascend a snow slope to our east... high and outside!

Rick Dubrow, Matt Jones (former Project Manager), Shawn Serdahl (Estimator, Project Manager) and Rhett Winter setting wands as they ascend a snow slope to our east… high and outside!

Some companies use this design/build approach to wrangle you into a commitment to have them build your project long before a design has been developed.  Not here.  Signing our Design Agreement doesn’t marry you to us to actually build the project.  It’s a Design Agreement.  Clearly, though, we’d like to do both…… designing your space develops a sense of teamwork between us and we’d love to actually build the structure we’ve spent so much time and energy designing with you and for you.

Since there are many different ways to solve a construction problem, design/build provides the opportunity for our designer to brainstorm, in-house, with a building professional, to choose the most cost-effective, structurally-efficient, aesthetically-pleasing and/or environmentally-friendly solution. Two heads, especially if they contain diverse skill-sets, are clearly better than one.

Then, when you transition from the design portion of your project to the actual construction, wouldn’t you feel more secure knowing that the team in charge of the construction is completely familiar with the design and the designer? You run a smaller risk that design elements will be misinterpreted or that necessary materials are unavailable.

Green building offers so many different pathways towards minimizing your project’s environmental impacts.  How can you sift through them and juggle just which ones are right for you?

Some strategies, like weatherization techniques to tighten the building’s envelope, or shell, affects our production people more than our design people.  Other strategies like the choice of insulation materials affect our design people more than our production people.

One company with both production and design expertise offers you the synergy to optimize the energy efficiency and resource efficiency of your project. Throw in our sustainable business practices that have attracted recognition and awards at the state level, and you will find under this one roof a pathway that allows you to feel proud for responsibly doing the right thing.

This design/build approach provides our clients in Bellingham and Whatcom County a team working for you rather than a group of potential adversaries pointing fingers at one another.  Care to be part of a team of professionals all using the same compass; all pointing in the same direction…… towards your satisfaction?

We feel so strongly about this design/build approach that we suggest, if you decide to work with another company, that they are a design/build firm.  And be sure that when another company says they offer design services, that their designer works in-house and is not just another out-sourced, subcontracted trade. Design/build means ready-access between the different skills and the presence of strong relationships between the players.

“Working with Adaptations designer Paula Wlaznak and staff, in conjunction with A-1 Builders, was the best decision we made regarding our various home remodeling projects.  For a micro-manager with strong design ideas, like myself, Paula was the perfect balance.  She always allows me to have the ultimate decision on design and color details, while all the time guiding me with an appropriate selection of possible products, materials and space design.  We came to depend on A-1 Builders for their exceptionally fine work.  Adaptations worked with A-1 Builders to assure a coordinated project without unnecessary delays.  Any concerns were communicated between Adaptations and A-1 Builders to our final satisfaction.  Best of all, we continue to enjoy the new, efficient spaces in our home each and every day.” – Bunny and David Schneider

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