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Narrow bathroom (3)The existing bathroom simply didn’t have enough space for this couple.  And some aging products called for a major face lift.  Try as we might we couldn’t solve the space challenges without adding more room.   Since it’s almost always less expensive to resolve problems in one’s existing space, as opposed to building on more space, we always try to avoid adding on.  In this case, this strategy didn’t work.

Our design solution resulted in the construction of the smallest addition we’ve ever added to a home — 3′ deep — but just enough to truly make it all work. The photo to the left shows you the look of the small addition from the outside of their home.

Sure wish we had some ‘befores‘ photos to show you, but your imagination will have to suffice.

The narrow addition allowed enough room for a separate tub and shower which was a high dream of theirs.

The ceramic tile design and fixture choices make the new space feel original.

Once again we were successful in retaining the period look of the home while solving the needs of our clients.

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