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Bikeport7In 2005 our company turned 50 years old!

How might we give something back to the community that helped drive our success?  Simultaneously, how might we select a project that treasures sustainability as a prime community objective?

The downtown Community Food Coop wanted a large, covered bicycle enclosure.  So we sought to find donated materials and labor to minimize the cost to the Coop.  Patrick Martin (our Production Manager,  Estimator and Designer) developed the design while we asked our prime vendors and subs to chip in.  Our carpenters joined together with some of the staff at Bellingham Bay Builders.  The resulting bikeport ended up costing the Coop near zero funds! 

Furthermore, the Bellingham Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee selected The Community Food Co-Op and A-1 Builders as the 2006 Great Feets Award co-recipients for the custom bike facility.

The award read as follows:

“…. for the beautiful custom-designed and built bicycle parking facility constructed at the North Forest Street store. The  prominent location and distinctive style of this bicycle rack make it an attractive invitation to all who see it that bicycle transportation is well supported at this store. The Community Food Co-Op and A-1 Builders have donated support for Bike to Work and School Day for years. A-1 Builders has been active in support for avoiding sprawl and continuing to make our City a dense and walkable place.”

We’re so proud to have designed and built this community asset.  Be sure to use it!

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