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5-14-09 rastra 004

Here’s a look at the Rastra block foundation (composed of 85% recycled polystyrene)


The finished look of the addition’s south side

Our client needed more space – a private retreat – from the adults with whom she shared the rest of her home.  This extra room needed to be an office , a private living space and a second entrance to the residence. It was also the right time, given our client’s  environmental ethics, to create some alternative energy. We had a lot of needs to meet in one small space.

The project solution included some very eco-wise product choices. The passive-solar addition incorporated solar-voltaics, super-insulation, a Rastra foundation, LED can lights, and water-catchment roofing.  Many green products addressed our mutual drive to minimize the footprint of the new space: interior doors whose core is made with local agricultural waste and then skinned with an FSC-certified veneer, FSC wood flooring and FSC framing. 

The aesthetic sensibility of this client called for natural materials that not only looked beautiful but satisfied her mindset for a small ecological footprint.  This wasn’t tough to achieve because our desire for a small footprint was already aligned with hers before she even came through our door!

  • Ham door and window trim
  • Ham1
  • Ham3
  • Ham4
  • Ham5
  • Ham2
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