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Knudson_street_2Robert Knudson, DDS asked us to turn the run-down, main floor unit of a complex, triangular, turn-of-the-century commercial building into a beautiful dental office.

The solution was to design and engineer a loft, as well as totally gut and renovate the entire space.  All new utilities; all new everything.  All the while performing the work adjacent to open, functioning offices and retail spaces.

Although Dr. Bob has subsequently relocated his facility, we hope these images reveal the beauty and efficiency of what he created there.

Dr. Bob was compelled to leave his existing dental office in order to move here.  It may have had to do with Rick’s experience at his old site while he was a patient of his.  In Rick’s words…

So I’m lying down in his dental chair with a dam in my mouth, looking straight up at a surface-mounted fluorescent light in the ceiling.  What falls down from the light fixture is a large carpenter ant; lands on my face!  Once this excitement settled down we realized that the light fixture translucent lens contained a village of carpenter ants.

Dr. Bob was leasing the space, but this incident did compel his landlord to allow A-1 Builders to study the building, including the use of a smoke bomb released inside while we placed the building under positive pressure.  This allowed us to see, literally, the routes of ingress and egress for wood destroying organisms, as well as an outrageous amount of air infiltration.  The original workmanship in this building left much to be desired.

The testing led to a significant repair project, going after the resulting rot, air sealing the structure, improving past errors and omissions, and increasing the building’s general energy efficiency.

Ultimately, Dr. Bob decided to move downtown into the project pictured here.  What an improvement!


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