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Before 5These first two photos reveal what we started with in their rear yard.  Sure, it worked, but was visually boring.  Our clients wanted something more.

The slideshow below shows you the result of our work, just prior to repairing and upgrading the landscaping that will eventually surround our new colored and stamped concrete patio and walkways.


Here’s the design challenge presented to us by our clients: 

“Our home is set w-a-a-y back from the road so its curb appeal is not very important to us.  Instead our main entrance is on the rear of the home but it needs a lot of help.  Please make the rear of the home more appealing by improving the ‘rear’ entry door along with the sidewalks and patio that funnel people to this door.”

The solution set became this mix: design and build a deck, patio, trellises, retaining walls and other hardscaping to bring much more attention to this rear yard and entry.

Enjoy these photos!  We’ve collected a sizable photo gallery of work done on this home over the years… projects that have included a new exterior stairwell addition, a basement remodel into an ADU, a major deck overhaul, as well as the exterior projects featured here.

Go here to view the other images of the basement and new exterior door addition.

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  • patio
  • Final 002
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