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Rick Dubrow’s “On The Level” Column in the Cascadia Weekly; Published 6-20-07

Ask any local resident if they know about the RE Store and you’ll find that the store has achieved nearly universal recognition.  You probably know it as the haven to drop off and purchase used building materials, right?  You also probably know that the store recently relocated to the former Wilson Furniture building at 2309Meridian.

What you may not know won’t hurt you.  To the contrary…. what you may not know is remarkable.

Here’s the scoop, but once I give you this inside information you must promise to tell everyone.

The store goes out of its way to get your stuff.  They’ll come pick it up.  They’ll tear it off your walls.  They’ll even tear down your walls!  And your roof, ceilings, floors……..

Simply put: get out of their way! They are licensed and bonded demolition contractors and this translates into your ability to save money, save building materials and save the world by simply calling Marj at 815-4339.

Here are a few examples of what you can talk to her about:

  1. The RE Store can take apart, and cart away, your existing kitchen just prior to your kitchen remodel.  It will probably be less expensive than what your remodeling contractor will charge; you’re given a tax credit for the donated materials; your used cabinets will be reborn yet again in another home, shop or garage.
  2. Prior to a large remodel, they can deconstruct interior doors, trim, built-ins, windows, wood flooring, decking…………. with the same win-win characteristics I’ve described earlier.
  3. They can deconstruct entire buildings, whether it is a garage, a home or the 130 schools they’ve already worked on!

I use the word deconstruct carefully.  When someone thinks about a demolition contractor it’s easy to conjure up the image of an incoming bulldozer, but no.  The RE Store doesn’t want to end up with splinters!  They want intact cabinets.  So they carefully remove the reusable stuff.  You can rest assured that they won’t go too far when all you wanted them to do is salvage your cabinetry!

The new store is buzzing with excitement.  Not only is their new building far nicer than its former location, but by month’s end the rest of the staff of RE Sources, its parent non-profit, will be moving in, leaving its offices on the top floor of the Herald Building.  For the first time in its 25 year history the entire team of this great environmental education organization will be housed under one roof………. the North Sound Baykeeper; the Beach Naturalist program; youth programs; waste reduction programs; the Recycling Hotline (676-5723; M-F 9-5).

That’s not all!  Between now and the fall the new building will morph into the Sustainable Living Center, a one-stop-shop for learning how to reduce your ecological footprint on this wondrous planet, in this outrageous community.

So check out the store in person or online at  You’ll find a hot sheet online with up to the minute news on cool, incoming materials.

As always, you’re welcome to drop by and deliver your reusables on your own.  (They’ll also deliver stuff to your home if you don’t have the right vehicle.) And if you’re wondering whether they will accept your hand-me-downs, call the store at 647-5921 or see their Moratorium List online.  Yes, at times they get overrun by too many of the same widgets and they simply run out of room!

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