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Counseling Center (6)This project involved the conversion of a two-story, worn out, single family residence into a state-of-the-art mental health facility.

We designed and built the alteration of this entire structure — inside and out.

This included the creation of a parking lot and all new landscaping; all new utilities (electrical service; heating; plumbing; etc.).

Everything changed!

Well… nearly everything.  In the end we reused the foundation, the framing and its sheathing.

This project presented a story worth repeating here about why, as a client, you should discuss changes with your general contractor and not directly to their subcontractors…

Our client — the owner of the building we were altering — was a group of physicians whose medical office was next door to this house.  Four of the docs were departing for lunch, walking through their parking lot to their car.  Our excavation sub’s equipment operator yells out to them…“Wouldn’t it be cool if I changed this slope so that access to the building would be easier?”

“Yeah, great idea,” responded the docs.  Innocent enough, don’t you think.  After all it was a great idea.

Without clearing this idea with us the bulldozer operator changed the grade, imported additional gravel, created the need for some additional paving, thereby imposing $5,500 in expenses. He billed us for this extra work which we hadn’t approved.  And given that we didn’t follow our own protocol for approving price changes, it surely wasn’t ethical for us to bill our clients.

Ultimately our subcontractor ate this expense.

The moral of this story:  your general contractor should remain the orchestra leader.  Sure, go ahead and brainstorm ideas with subs, but ultimately it’s so important to clear additional work and/or changes in scope of work with your general.

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