Building With the Future in Mind Since 1955

DeckJPEGOur client bought their home along Chuckanut Drive for the lot and its view…… a spectacular view of Dot Island and the San Juans.  He articulated his needs very, very clearly:

“I hate this house!  I bought it for the view.  Let’s make this house as nice as its surroundings!  PLEASE!  HELP!”

After performing the design work for an extensive remodel, the price reached $160,000.  His reaction to our bid was to laugh and then say:

”I might as well burn the house down!”

We laughed aloud together and then the seriousness of his off-the-cuff comment struck Rick:

“I’ll look into this!”

BayviewJPEGLivingroomJPEGThe outcome: with the help of the Chuckanut Fire Department we did burn it down and built him a brand new custom home for about the same price!

No kidding! The Chuckanut Fire Department was drooling for a test burn for which they could be the lead department, so our call came at the right time.

We had to remove the carpeting and roofing prior to the burn — so as to protect air quality issues — but it provided days and days of fire fighter training before they thoroughly let ‘er rip.

Our design provided a sizable amount of display space for his art collection. And, or course, much attention went into preserving the beautiful Chuckanut Bay view.  The obvious result: an enormous amount of deck.

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