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A glimpse inside the sunroom we designed and built for our clients.

The owners of this rural residence first hired us to design and alter their existing living space; two years later to add on a beautiful sunroom.  And throughout all of these projects we performed both  the design work and its construction.

In the first phase we improved the bedrooms and bathrooms by expanding into their existing two car garage.

In the second phase we added the sunroom and updated the kitchen.  You can read about the details of the sunroom addition by clicking here.

We used passive solar and reclaimed wood to facilitate the somewhat rustic design of the sunroom.

The kitchen remodel included FSC-certified walnut cabinets made locally, along with a natural stone counter top.

We also took up all of the exterior brick pavers, cleaned them and reinstalled them along with new blue-stone pavers.  We installed the reused and new pavers within a concrete border that extends far deeper than what is standard in order to create a mole fence.  These defenses were clearly appropriate given their history with these critters.

During the design of both phase one and two, our clients took the time to plan carefully. They were equally attentive to energy efficiency and aesthetics.  Our work therefore included some air sealing, additional insulation and the creation of a far healthier crawlspace.  Given that 20 -30% of indoor air often originates from one’s crawlspace, a clean crawlspace is a critical piece to insure healthy indoor air quality.

Whole House Before

Their kitchen prior to the improvements we designed and built.

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Sure, it took a few years to complete all of the projects our clients wanted to tackle.  For now, though, we’re done with their entire house.

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