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Our troubling economy has hit construction hard and we’re finding more – not less—problems arising between property owners and the contractors they hire.  How do we know this?  It’s because we’re often hired as expert witnesses on construction claims; or called in to take over the work someone else started — poorly; or repair the work someone else did recently and it quickly needs further attention.

No doubt – this economy is hard on consumers and homeowners.

Most of the building industry is soooo-o-o-o hungry that they’ll tell a potential customer just about anything they want to hear.  In effect, a property owner can find someone in the trades to do anything they want for whatever price they assert.

One of the ways this manifests itself in less-than-ethical contractors is for them to ‘sell’ a solution that is cheap, knowing that potential customers out there don’t have a lot of spare dough.  While this ‘solution’ gets the contractor some work, it’s usually not a real solution to the homeowner’s problem!

The opposite way to say this is:  doing the right thing costs more than not, but it’s tougher to sell because the price is higher.

This predicament places you and so many other consumers in this tough boat:  who should you believe – the inexpensive contractor or the more expensive one?

All I can do is tell you my truth.  We had a stellar 2010 amidst this recession.  I believe it’s because our reputation is to do things right the first time.  I don’t need your work.  I want your work.  Our style is to do the right thing so that, once and for all, you can put the problem behind you and get on with your life.

In far fewer words, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn  said it this way:

“We always pay dearly for chasing after what is cheap.”

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