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Here’s the tight space in the hallway bathroom we started with.

The new master bathroom we designed and built for them was placed within space currently within a garage they didn’t use.  So the entire new bathroom was built into the back of the garage which contained the furnace and assorted storage.  We simply raised the floor in this area to allow a continuous surface from the existing bedroom into the new bathroom.

We moved the furnace and much of the storage into the loft that was created above the ceiling of the new bathroom.

The mid-century cottage design is evident in the fixture selection in the bathroom including period lighting, a claw foot tub, the pedestal sink and the simple white wainscot.


Here’s the new look of their home after we did our magic… both design and construction.

We also did a complete remodel of the existing hall bathroom. The full-height linen cabinet was actually the reclaimed and refurnished cabinet from the hallway.

The following slideshow therefore reveals images of both completed bathrooms.

Practically speaking, we altered each and every surface, system and assembly in their home…. this remodel involved far more than just these two bathrooms.  You’ll find additional photos and project descriptions of this home in the ‘kitchens’, ‘whole-house remodels’, ’outdoor environments’ and ‘additional space’ categories!

Read more about the complete house remodel in Maggie’s ‘On the Level’ newsletter article:   Mid-Century Cottage Renovation

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