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Jack and Judy Shaughnessy needed more room in their kitchen at 1611 Connecticut St. in Bellingham. The existing kitchen was crowded! And it didn’t function well with cabinets that needed some serious attention. The kitchen drawers had to be rebuilt and a new cabinet was needed next to the stove.

In the photo on the left are the original dining cabinets that matched the kitchen.  We were surprised when our clients asked us to keep them… but Judy had a clear vision of how she wanted them moved and refurbished.

Additional problems they articulated included poor lighting and insufficient counter space.  That said, there were aspects of the existing space that they wanted to retain, including the walk through galley design, the sink and the style of the original windows.

While salvaging much of what they did like, our alterations also achieved that which they wanted…  a slate floor, period lighting, new energy efficient windows, traditional subway tile and room for the new retro-style appliances.  We found a void space behind a wall that we used to recess the new deep refrigerator as part of the space saving solutions.  And to retain the simple cottage style our clients wanted we installed a kitchen-rated flush ceiling fan rather than an oven hood.  Finally we custom built additional, matching cabinets, refurbished all of the existing cabinets  and moved some of them to the laundry area in the multi-purpose garage.

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The reused kitchen sink and reclaimed chestnut counters rounded out the kinds of choices that met Jack and Judy’s goal for a reduced ecological footprint.

Read more about this whole-house remodel in our newsletter article written by their designer, Maggie Bates: Mid-Century Cottage Renovation

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