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Tom Pratum wanted to replace his long, old, impervious asphalt driveway on a sloping hillside at 2241 North Shore Road along the shore of Lake Whatcom.  No, not asphalt again. He wanted a green solution that wouldn’t degrade the lake’s water quality.   He was driven to be a steward of our water supply and wanted a pervious driveway to replace the old, impervious version.

A pervious surface allows stormwater to drain into the ground and recharge the groundwater.  Why?

Ultimately the goal is for any human development to behave just like the natural habitat that existed prior to the work.  So we want the rain and surface water to drain directly into the ground… filtered and clean.

The actual driveway and its substrate was designed by Tom’s consultant, 2020 Engineering in Bellingham — we were hired to perform the installation.

The final design incorporated EcoStone blocks atop an engineered gravel substrate.

Note the perimeter of the driveway which is stabilized by a poured concrete footing and short pony wall; course sand provides the infill between the blocks.

Tom, thanks for going the extra mile — and cost — to protect the lake and our drinking water.  We need tens of thousands more like you!

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