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Make use of an extremely steep back yard that had been unusable since the home was built decades earlier.  The grade of the ground was so aggressive that it made more sense to build decks off of the home itself, so that enjoyment of the back yard was about the decks and not about the ground!

Not only was the grade a challenge but the yard was full of mature trees, each of which our clients and ourselves wanted to save.  Nearly every tree survived the design process!  

And then there were very narrow side setbacks that made staging the project more than difficult.  So most everything came and went through the house itself.



Build a multi-level deck along with a built-in, covered hot tub; incorporate a guardrail design that allows you to see through it — to experience the view and not the guardrail.

Aspects we performed:

Yes indeed… design and construction.

  • Guardrail
  • Guardrail-lantern
  • Hottub
  • Stairs
  • Broad_view
  • Broadly
  • From_ground
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