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The Shaughnessys were spaced out!  They needed more room.

More specifically, Judy and Jack wanted a second bathroom, hopefully right off the master bedroom.  And they wanted room to play music.   Lots of room!

Could we get them this extra space without adding an addition?


Here’s a glimpse into their garage before we designed and built an alternative strategy.

Although we harvested the existing garage space for the new master bathroom and music room, the area remains a code-compliant garage for future property owners. Yes, we did raise that part of the floor which encompasses the bathroom, so that the floor height is consistent from the master bedroom into the bathroom.

Inside the garage the handmade sliding doors that hide the storage and furnace were designed to echo the lines of the custom carriage doors at the other end of the room.

The balance of what used to be the garage we then designed and remodeled into:

  • The furnace in the loft above the bathroom ceiling
  • A water heater in the closet
  • The clothes washer and dryer out in the open within the music space
shaugnessy master bath

Here’s the new bathroom that resides int he space pictured by the image to the left!

Maggie did it!  Without having to add an addition we were able to find all the space they needed to achieve their goals!

Practically speaking, we altered each and every surface, system and assembly in their home….. this remodel involved far more than just this garage conversion.  You’ll find additional photos and project descriptions of this home in the ‘kitchens’, ‘bathrooms’,’outdoor environments’ and ‘whole-house remodel’ categories!

Read more about the complete house remodel in Maggie’s article:

Mid-Century Cottage Renovation

Some beautiful work by the following subcontractors and suppliers.

Blinds by Lorraines Window Coverings

Garage Doors by Real Carriage Doors

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  • shaugnessy bedroom
  • shaugnessy custom closet doors
  • shaugnessy master bath
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