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It was time to bring this basement back to life; surfaces were worn out and tired; the space underutilized.

Fireplace beforeThis image on the left is what the fireplace looked like before; the image to the lower right is its transformation!

Their overall goals were to move their master bedroom downstairs into this basement, as well as modernize all other surfaces. Safety, too, became an issue: we needed to create a means of egress from the bedroom in case of fire.

Lighting and storage were in short supply, and the clients wanted a media center that would serve as a functional, aesthetic focal point for the entire space.

Here’s what we ended up designing and building:  we combined two bedrooms into a singular master suite and created a platform (that contained storage) beneath the existing window so that we could meet the egress requirements in the building code. No window well; no window replacements; cool!Basement 6

Further, we improved their insulation and then updated their bathroom, lighting, all doors and interior trim.

And, yes, we designed and built cabinetry surrounding their TV so as to achieve the media center of their  dreams!

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