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The Clawsons' home prior to the alterations.

The Clawsons’ home prior to the alterations.

What a tired exterior!  The deck was rotten; the roofing worn; the siding was never really finished! And, although there were sufficient rafter overhangs, none existed along the sides of their home at 901 Wilson Avenue in Bellingham.  

Laura and Linn were ready for an exterior makeover.

T-111 blanks were used as the original siding.  This product is a decorative plywood without the typical vertical lines.  So it was perfect to leave in place as the substrate for the new HardiPlank siding — we didn’t need to tear it off!

Maggie, our designer, worked with Laura and Linn until all products, colors and deck details met their needs and their budget.

What an overall change to the exterior aesthetic appeal of this home!  When we pulled away from their home upon completion  it was hard to believe it was the same home.

Here's what it looked like upon completion.

Here’s what it looked like upon completion.

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