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Their existing garage prior to this conversion into their master suite.

Our clients were spaced out! More garage space was needed.

Simultaneously, their existing master bedroom/bathroom were worn out, tired and undersized.  Additionally, their hallway bathroom and laundry facilities needed attention.  And our clients were already concerned about their energy bills; adding more space would simply aggravate this situation!

We therefore started with an energy audit to identify how we could address their overall energy use. This led to a substantial weatherization and insulation project that solved all of the report’s deficiencies, including the creation of a conditioned crawlspace.

Garage conversion project 8

After the garage conversion

While we were performing the design, planning and weatherization work,  our clients had another builder construct a new, detached, pole-construction garage, making way to allow us to morph their existing garage into a new master suite. They emptied all of their belongings from their existing garage into their new, detached garage, literally clearing the ground for this radical alteration from existing garage space into a gorgeous master suite.

We installed rigid insulation and sand above the old garage slab so that the finished floor height of the master suite matched the floor height within the existing house. Atop this new plane we added everything you now see in these images of the finished product.

What a transformation! 

Some beautiful work by the following subcontractors:

Tile installation by Mowry Tile and Stone

Wood floors by  Woodcraft Wood Floors

Granite countertop by Spectrum Surfaces

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