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Water problems plagued the usability of this otherwise under-utilized space.  Could we solve the water problem and then finish all of this space into usable, needed room?

Brown_basement_before1Sure we could… and we did!

Let’s start you off with three images of what we started out with.  But don’t stop there; check out the slideshow below of the finished space.

Our solutions to the water problems involved numerous techniques involving the exterior grounds, the slab and the walls.  And they worked; the basement is now bone dry!Basement_before3

We skim-coated the existing slab with a pre-colored veneer rather than overlay it with another finished floor.

Also note some of the plumbing which we left exposed. To do otherwise would have been very expensive and our clients liked the idea of accenting, instead of hiding, the infrastructure of how their home actually works!


  • Brown_basement_after5
  • Brown_basement_after1
  • Brown_basement_after3
  • Brown_basement_after2
  • Brown_basement_after4


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