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Basement before

Their basement before we got our hands on it.

Their basement had been unfinished since it was first built.  Rough-in plumbing had already been installed; most interior walls were already there as well.  But the space was under-utilized and only adequate for storage. It was time to take advantage of this space!

Alike most of our projects, we performed the design work, the construction, and provided some of the finished materials (i.e. cabinets, countertops, ceramic tile and flooring).

For decades before they became clients, we had known these folks amidst the progressive, activist community.  During the initial project interview they had this to say:

“We’ve been observing your company from afar for many years, so appreciating the community-building activism your company takes on.  We always looked forward to the day when we would do some remodeling so that we could pass the job onto you!”

Their needs included the creation of a wood shop, knowing that future owners would probably prefer additional bedrooms, so we built in the ease to morph this shop space into these future bedrooms. 

We built in this flexibility to change the shop into bedrooms by leaving the concrete floor as is; finished flooring could be added later.  Other strategies for flexibility included wiring the space for these future bedrooms and making the space easily partitioned with future interior walls for 2 bedrooms and closet space.

We also  took their roughed-in bathroom, laundry room, family room and stairwell to completion.

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