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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA marriage made in heaven… our clients needed additional room to allow more of their family to live there and their home already contained an unfinished basement!  The solution was therefore quite simple… finish the unfinished basement!

These first two images show the original entrance to their basement stairwell which,  from their perspective and ours,  had to change. As we see so often, the entry door had no overhead protection from the elements.

Their home, after years and years of multiple projects that we designed and built, is now unrecognizable from its more youthful years. It’s now everything they had hoped for!

We’ve done so much work for them that the man of the house often jokes with us that they deserve an office in our building on Northwest Avenue!  Actually, he’s right.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The basement improvements included:

A two story addition to improve and enlarge the main stairway that gains access to both levels of the house.

A new kitchen downstairs so that the basement became an entire living unit.  

Remodeling their existing bathroom, the great room and two bedrooms.

They also had us remodel their upstairs kitchen and do many projects outside — a trellis, deck, retaining walls and patio space. Please go here to see some of these other projects we designed and built for them. 


  • stair
  • combined living space
  • entrance
  • covered entrance
  • kitchen
  • New front door
  • living
  • bath
  • kitchen 2
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