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NW_7We eliminated all of the lawn which surrounded our own office and showroom at 3310 Northwest Avenue in Bellingham, and replaced it with an environmentally responsible and low maintenance example of hardscaping and landscaping. This technique of utilizing native and drought-resistant specimens is called xeriscaping.

Xeriscaping has allowed us to eliminate:

All mowing,

All herbicides,

All pesticides,

All fertilizers and

All watering!

With thick mulch surrounding all plants, we’ve also eliminated practically all weeding.

Great for the planet; great for our bottom line.

Sure, there’s a down side.  These environmental goals virtually eliminate the inclusion of flowers and the vibrant colors they bring to the table!  Color requires attention and water and food and more protection (i.e. herbicides and pesticides).  So we focused instead on texture and the addition of an imaginary creek bed under the readerboard. This added three dimensional aspects to the ultimate design.

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