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Our clients simply wanted a new front entry and an additional bathroom.  But during our initial walk-around we observed substantial symptoms of water infiltration and potential wood-destroying organisms (i.e. bugs).  A thorough inspection seemed essential prior to moving into design.

Our clients agreed with the logic of a wellness exam.  It had been years since someone knowledgeable about these things had looked their place over and they were admittedly naive about home maintenance.  Our Pre-Remodel Condition Evaluation disclosed some severe pest infestation and rot in numerous areas of their structure. Earlier builders left our clients with some major, unwanted problems, so we needed to repair what was left on their plate!

Ultimately we did design and build them their new front entry and bathroom, but the more critical work involved the eradication of prior, faulty workmanship and the atrocious rot that prevailed.  In the end we believe we eliminated all of the conducive conditions that led to this accelerated deterioration.


The small bump-out with the glass block window is the bathtub enclosure. The center photo, below, reveals what we discovered when we opened up the walls!


Their existing front entry had been patched into the roofline with hardly any knowledge about flashing; the construction techniques were pathetic.

We started the deconstruction process fearful of the surprises we’d encounter and they came to pass….. in spades. These first 3 photos reveal the shoddy workmanship, design details and subsequent damage that came to pass.  The center photo, below, is what’s left of a slide-in jetted tub and its surrounding building materials.

The slideshow below reveals the finished product just prior to when our clients’ painter took over.  They show the solutions we achieved for the problematic areas you see in these ‘before’ photos.


Here’s what we discovered in the bathtub bump-out.

  • After_3
  • After_1
  • After_2
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