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Their existing room was dominated by a large swim spa that was no longer used.  Hence the entire room, gorgeous as it was, became wasted space.  Whereas most homeowners have to add on an addition to achieve additional space, this was more about space planning, or re-purposing existing space.  More specifically this was about demolishing and then removing the swim spa to allow for the floor space needed for  multiple exercise machines, mats and weights that our clients were now wanting to use.

Their swimming days were over so they asked us to design and build this re-purposed space.

Let’s first look at the space before we started.   These first two images are some ‘befores‘. You can see the ‘afters‘ in the slideshow below.

Although our ‘after‘ images don’t show the eventual fitness equipment in place, you can get a good feel for the finished space.  In fact, without any clutter in the room, your views are actually improved!

One of the most significant challenges with this project was the exterior brick work.  Could we locate matching bricks so that, once finished, it didn’t look like some butchered alteration? 

Check out the photos yourself and see if you can tell where the new brick work starts.  No freakin’ way!  You can’t do it!

We’re that good !

Our work included the new patio — with a hot tub — accessed by replacing the 4 windows by a pair of french doors.  Again, our challenge was to match finishes, like the exposed aggregate concrete flat work, so that our new work blended in with the old.

Why go to the gym when you could work out in the likes of this new and improved space?

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