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Their front entry before we did our magic.

shaugnessy 15

Their front entry when we pulled away from their project. Yes, it’s the same house. No kidding!

Jack and Judy’s son and daughter-in-law actually owned this house first and were very sad they had to sell it when their family started to grow.  So Jack and Judy bought it from them to use as a rental, never realizing that several years later they would actually get to live in it.

Yes, they were so happy to be able to keep the house in the family but it was now time to make it theirs.  To do so meant a lot of work………

The roofing was shot, as was the furnace and water heater; insulation was lacking.

In short, it was time for a major transformational facelift.

Practically speaking, we altered each and every surface, system and assembly in their home.

Besides these major alterations to the Shaughnessy house, an energy audit drove major efficiency improvements, as well as new windows, roofing, insulation, HVAC equipment and a roof over the front entry door.

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Click HERE to read the whole story, and see lots more photos,  about this renovation.  It was highlighted in our winter 2011 ‘On the Level’ newsletter.

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