Building With the Future in Mind Since 1955

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    1. We used Advanced Framing to eliminate structurally unnecessary lumber and replaced it with insulation in the exterior walls.
    2. We eliminated all of our lawn and replaced it with xeriscaping — drought resistant plantings — to minimize pesticides, herbicides, watering, and the very need for mowing. We hope you take the time to wander around our building in order to imagine incorporating these techniques at your home or office.
    3. Our cabinetry promotes kitchen cabinet design that incorporates recycling as a standard household function. These vignettes display the optimal utilization of cabinet space (blind-corner access; roll-out shelving; etc.).
    4. We house a growing lending-library of information promoting sustainability: energy efficiency, building with less, universal design, etc.
    5. We installed an on-demand, high-efficiency, continuous, gas water heater to replace the standard electric water heater that was rarely used. No hot water is stored between uses!
    6. We display lighting design that acknowledges the visual needs of our aging population. The LED lamps you’ll see here produce a high quality light output per watt of energy consumed. And unlike most any other showroom we’ve ever seen, we turn off virtually all of our lights when clients are not present. If it looks dark and closed upon final approach, know that we’re doing our best to do no unnecessary harm.  We’ll turn the lights on for you!
    7. We used low VOC/low toxic paints and easily renewable OS Color HARDWAX-OIL from the Environmental Home Center in Seattle to finish our wood trim and floor.
    8. Our Smith and Vallee cabinets display live-edge maple tops, sustainably-harvested, certified wood for the boxes and the doors/drawers, hand-rubbed oil finish with a wax top coat for added durability and water resistance.
    9. Our bathroom incorporates long lasting, natural linoleum – Marmoleum – sheet flooring.
    10. Interface carpet tiles throughout our showroom and office contains recycled material and are also recyclable.  (With carpet tiles, it’s easier to replace only the worn-out, high-traffic areas.)
    11. Cork flooring on the main level is harvested without having to kill the tree!
    12. Toli flooring, in our hallway,  is a commercial-rated vinyl with a simulated wood-flooring look. Toil offers excellent, long-term performance.
    13. Bamboo flooring welcomes you at our front door and it’s harvested from fast growing grass rather than slow growing  trees.
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