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In the fall of 2010 we transitioned from a hard-copy newsletter to our virtual, electronic “On The Level” version.  The highlights below identify  the main articles in that particular newsletter.  But there’s a whole lot more to each newsletter than the highlights; consider checking out the entire issue if time permits.

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Winter 2016

  1. Tristen Graybill’s unveils artwork thanking newsletter recipients with her ‘Anatomy of a Grateful Design/Build Company’
  2. Our Community Bike Repair & Information Station led to Birchwood Neighborhood Association award and Whatcom Watch selecting Patrick Martin as their ‘Unsung Hero’
  3. Cathie Bertola joined our staff as our Administrative Assistant
  4. Angie’s List awarded us their Super Service Award for 2015; HOUZZ awarded us their ‘Best of HOUZZ’ 
  5. Bellingham Herald featured Cindi Landreth in their artoicle about aging-in-place

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Summer 2015

  1. Our Community Bike Repair & Information Station is now done! Check out some time lapse photography of its conctruction.
  2. September 18, 2015 is our 60th company anniversary! Live music, eats, beer ‘n wine; come join us!
  3. Southside Magazine features Rick ‘n Cindi for their cover story
  4. Meet three of our relatively new co-workers in production…  John Botts, Jake Dyrland and Jordan Simmons

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Winter 2015

  1. Rick’s blog THE HAMMER goes live… “I’m done keeping quiet…”
  2. Maggie Bates tells us about design ideas and best practices for showers
  3. Meet three of our relatively new co-workers…  Chris Hanson, Wes Wertman and Darcy Walters

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Summer 2014

  1. Connie’s Condo Transformation… incorporating natural plaster into a fireplace makeover
  2. Whatcom Magazine’s front page features photo and article about Ed DIsney’s koi pond and hardscaping
  3. The Bellingham Herald’s “PRIMEtime” front page features a photo and article about Bill and Catherine Ouweneel’s aging-in-place decisions, decisions made while we worked together as their design/build contractor
  4. NW RETIREMENT MAGAZINE feature article about aging-in-place written by Cindi Landreth

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Winter 2013

  1. HOUZZ It Going?  An intro to the powerful design tool at
  2. Whose Reality Is It, Anyway? How reality TV shows about remodeling are, well, unrealisitic!

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Spring 2013

  1. Fantastic hardscaping/koi-pond project for Ed Disney
  2. Aging in place… adapting your home as you age there.
  3. Flashing anyone? A must-read to help you avoid rot.

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Fall 2012

  1. Introducing our annual special deals
  2. Roofing maintenance do’s and don’ts
  3. Maintenance as the greenest form of remodeling
  4. Building codes and their potential effect on your project

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Summer 2012

  1. Featuring a repair project for Piper Mertle that’s sure to help you be a better steward of your own property: save money; save resources.
  2. Another project highlight: adding on a rural sunroom addition
  3. Stone countertops highlighted

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Spring 2012

  1. A wellness exam for your home… our Pre-Remodel Condition Evaluation; do you need one?
  2. An overview of a just-completed, extensive remodel… rear-porch addition; kitchen and bathroom remodel; reside the entire home.

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Fall 2011

  1. Our receipt of  the Governor’s COMMUTE SMART Award
  2. We also won the Whatcom Water Week Reader Board Banter Contest

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Spring 2011

  1. Earthquake insurance and some thoughts about seismic stability
  2. Save dough and earn rebates on energy efficient products and vehicles

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Winter 2011

  1. Highlighting a whole-house remodel: a mid-century cottage restoration for  Jack and Judy Shaughnessy
  2. Our story about another just-completed, design/build, extensive remodel along Chuckanut Drive
  3. Green and Affordable: the reprint of one of Rick’s Cascadia Weekly columns.

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Fall 2010

  1. Mosaic tiles and curves: a design spotlight on how ‘n why we used mosaic tiles for a recent bathroom remodel
  2. Dust and Indoor Air Quality: the reprint of one of Rick’s Cascadia Weekly columns.
  3. Weatherizing your home: understanding fresh air and the need –- and strategies — to have just the right amount of it.

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