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(An article written by Rick Dubrow for our e-newsletter sent out 12/31/13.)

Consider checking out  At its core, it’s a collection of thousands of photographs, all related to housing. And it’s designed so that you can collect photos of what you like and what you don’t like.

Why is such a site penetrating the web so quickly?  Why do many of our clients already know about it even though it’s so new to the market?

Your own account is free and takes minutes to set up.  Say you’re thinking about a future kitchen remodel, and you believe that the most important components are going to be the cabinets, countertops and appliances. Well, then, you go right ahead and create what are called ‘idea books’ within your HOUZZ account with these same headings: ‘cabinets’, ‘countertops’ and ‘appliances’.

It’s then time to use their search engine.  Say you want to spend some time looking at cabinets. Perhaps you know what you like so you enter ‘modern painted kitchen cabinets’ in the search engine.  What pops are hundreds of images related to your search.


You see one that looks a lot like what you imagine you want your own kitchen to look like.  So you save that image into your ‘cabinets’ idea book.  Perhaps you add a comment such as ‘I like this look but not the tall upper cabinets’.  Then you see one that looks awful so you snag that one as well, adding your comment about what’s wrong with this picture.

Get the picture?

Now imagine how important a tool this would be to help your designer see what you’d like to see in your altered space!

We often say that a successful remodeling project is one that looks good to you, our client.  So it’s in your best interest to get your designer to see through your eyes.  Sure, you want their input, or why else would you have hired us?  But they have to know what you like.

Enter HOUZZ.

You and your designer can share your idea books online, and in the comfort of your own living room.

The joy doesn’t end there.  Look closely and you’ll see our company featured on the HOUZZ website.  If not, enter ‘kitchen and bathroom remodelers’ in Whatcom County or Bellingham and pop up we surely will.

And, please, if you’re struggling with registering or using the HOUZZ website, email me at and I’ll try to help you out. I’m here for you.

Here’s what NPR writer Linda Holmes said about HOUZZ (8/20/13) during her own search for online design help…

“Everyone was very enthusiastic about Houzz, which sounds like an AARP grandchild-outreach subcommittee, but is actually a site full of photos that you page through to see all kinds of rooms and craft projects and other doodads. You can look through zillions — and I do mean zillions — of decorating pictures and clip them into “Ideabooks,” which you can then peruse at your leisure when you want to feel like you’re working on your new place without actually going to Home Depot. Here’s my “Colors” ideabook, for instance; you can see that I enjoy blue, green, degrees of cleanliness I could never achieve, and things I can’t afford.”


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